Welcome to ajduric.com

With nearly a decade of Textdrive/Joyent hosting over, and after much research and thought, on April 23, 2014, I opted for Green Geeks, the 300% wind-powered web hosting service. This choice reflects a long-held core value I have about doing and choosing better for ourselves in the now and future. I'm glad this kind of web hosting company is accessible to me. In retrospect, the bitter Textdrive/Joyent debacle of 2012-2014 that affected a close-knit worldwide community of users, including me, is the opportunity to choose more wisely now, and next time.

I am also opting to re-invent my virtual spot. This will take time. I need to question what the purpose of this space is, a space I have had since 2004. Part philosophical quest, the purpose will also point to the technologies I will use. Just like using renewable energy (and using as little as possible without impacting my idea of quality in life) is one of my core values, so is streamlining the content and the delivery process. Lately I find I visit less and less many sites I once greatly admired. Due to poorly desiged and clogged sites trying to be everything to everyone and attempting to track my every online gesture in the hopes of profiling my preferences, I spend less time online than ever. Design matters; backend, too.

Should you need to contact me, please email admin AT ajduric DOT com. I will check in when I can.

As ever,